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Palette Swoon!

I am continually blown away by the natural colors our mother earth offers us. Both deep & rich while also being soft & subtle, and always an inspiration to pull from for interiors.  

There is just something so soothing and chic about the fusion of an alge like blue green, in varying tones, coupled with a sandy or blush pink hue.  We look to the sea, sky, and to the earth time and time again to see this amalgam in its magnificence!

I suppose i was always drawn to this pairing; when I was a 12 year old teenybopper my bedroom had a wall covering that was teal and pink, though more driven by Miami Vice than the beauty of nature. Ha!

You can take this color union literally and choose to paint your walls the palest shade of sea green like Benjaman Moore “come sail away” or simply in the flowers you choose…like pale pink peonies.  Another way to reflect this beautiful shade in your home is to chose a rich teal tone for the upholstery on your sofa or chair…even in your pillows or art!  Painting an accent wall in a shade like Benjamin Moore “largo teal” can reflect a bolder interpretation that makes a statement!

Sometimes its challenging to take risks with color….but a glimpse at your immediate surroundings, to the palette found naturally in the trees, waters, and up above, can aways guide you!

Benjamin Moore

tropical sand      ~  2101-70

largo teal           ~  742

come sail away  ~ 846