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Versatility is me!

Pesto, salsa verde, chimichurri, herb sauce, salmoriglio….call it what you will.  All I know is that this zippy bowl of yumminess always resides in my fridge and is used multiple ways throughout the week.

Without fail every trip to the market results in a handful of the brightest and freshest herbs I can get my hands on.  Basil (in summer), mint, & Italian parsley are definitely staples in my home and in the food I create.

Chopping up these fine ingredients with mashed garlic, sea salt, olive oil, red pepper flakes, and lemon zest gives me the comfort of knowing that, in a pinch, I can throw together a variety of weeknight meals that are flavorful, healthy, and quick!

Tossed with pasta with the addition of pine nuts and pecorino, I have a perfect pesto for my son.  Marinated with pork, lamb, or steak provides a delish & flavorful protein.  Drizzled over fish or shrimp can elevate a dish to restaurant worthy accolades.  Crank your roasted potatoes up a notch, wrap some inside an omelet, use as a salad dressing, spread it on a sandwich, or simply drizzled over some fresh ricotta to dip with toasted bread.  

With this one stop yummy shop you are guaranteed a meal or snack you will love and that is SWOON~worthy!  

You could even combine with unsalted butter to create a compound butter to sever atop a steak……yummmmmm!

Get creative and versatile! Customize your ingredients by swapping or adding to you liking!  Substitute cilantro and jalapeno to go Mexican, go briny with capers, or try sage, thyme, arugula, even kale!  Once its mixed & mashed together with the trinity of goodness….extra virgin olive oil, garlic, & lemon….your paste takes on a zippy life of its own.

Make it in a food processor or in a mortar and pestle, and to your taste…there is no recipe or right or wrong here. 

Best part about it…..you can store it in the fridge for well over a week….just keep it air tight and add some EVOO on top.  Or put the paste inside an ice cube tray and make individual frozen servings to thaw out as needed.

Every culture expresses their own interpretation …..Italian, Argentinean, Mexican…..find your unique use for this versatile kitchen staple!

**Tip ~ never heat or microwave an herb sauce, it destroys the flavor….always best and brightest in it natural raw form