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Be Bold!

When I design a room I always try and find one particular place where I can conjure an element of surprise.  It could come in the form of color, texture, or taking a risk using a bold pattern that will create the {{{ WOW }}}  upon entering a room.  

In my son’s room in Brooklyn I worked with Kamp Studio’s and created an interlocking cylindrical wall mural. I used a super vibrant yellow paint juxtaposed upon a solid graphite wall.  

My approach was bold, on bold, on bold, since my son was at the “I want a crazy cool room” age. But…..you can still create a sophisticated & elegant room using a strong pattern by dialing it down to a more subdued palette.

In the downtown NYC hair salon of Ric Pipino I created a modern twist on the classic black and white checkerboard floor. I chose an alternating zigzag pattern of black and white onto the otherwise traditional herringbone wood floor.  

Another subtle but equally effective use of pattern can be the addition of Ikat pillows or Moroccan tiles….both bring forth a playful flair of ethnicity to a room.  

I also looooove how Jenna Lyons and Kelly Wearstler played with a punch of color and pattern, unexpectedly, on the ceiling!

Let these images spark you imagination on how you can incorporate a fun pattern in your home!