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Veggie Tales

Roasting seasonal vegetables is something I do at least 4-5 times per week.  It’s super simple, healthy, and yummy!  Roasting to the point of crispy caramelization brings out the natural sweetness in these 2 particular veggies! 

A drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of s & p, a parchment lined baking sheet, and a pre set oven to 400 degrees….your good to go! 

There is something so special and architectural about Romanesco. A hybrid of cauliflower & broccoli and the most gorgeous shade of chartreuse.  The natural design is honestly breathtaking, which is a quite odd way to describe a vegetable but really, I think I can create a room inspired by its precise pattern within a pattern….its almost mathematical.

As I write this I’m surprising and giggling at myself with my visual adoration of this veggie…hehe!  Anyway, I love the taste too…especially when it gets golden on the edges…absolute perfection!  I chose to prepare my romanesco with some capers and intended on some finely chopped fresh parsley but sadly forgot to add it to the plate before serving…it was great none the less.

The second dish was very much inspired by the roasted squash that Chef Dan Kluger sent over the last time I was at ABC kitchen for lunch.  I make roasted butternut squash often but what elevated his dish to a supreme “party in your mouth” was how it was finished with the brightness of some grated lemon rind, coupled with the crunch of roasted pepitas, and a hint of heat with finely diced habanaro.  Or at least that is my interpretation of his brilliant dish!

I’ll mostly serve these veggies as a side to a protein for dinner but I’ll always nibble the next day on the leftovers or toss then into a grain or green salad for lunch.  You can also add either of these veggies to pasta for a quick weeknight meal.

Enjoy ; ))